At Rubex Czech we strive to keep the communication line as short as possible. So we can adapt to last minute changes and provide those last pairs before you know it.


We live for our company, we sleep by it, dream about it and wake up in it. Communication is key, you will not be disappointed.


Today's market requires fast, high quality and hassle-free correct deliveries. We got that.

The highest standard

Our number one focus point is the quality of the products we deliver, at a competitive price and with a service you've never seen before.

Extreme cold, heat & fire resistant

From the Artic to the dessert, into a raging fire. We can make the sole for your Shoe.

Antistatic, ESD, oil & acid resistant

Electrician? Oil Rig worker? We guarantee the perfect fit for your specifications.

The best anti slip values

Tired of slipping away? Not reaching the best slip values? Search no longer. We got what your looking for!