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Rubex history

Rubex NV was founded in 1959 by Andre Vansteenkiste and started originally with the construction of molds for technical articles made in rubber. Throughout the years, the focus switched to the production of shoe soles.

In the early seventies, the majority of the production was focused towards PU soles at first and later PVC & TR soles joined the production.

The late eighties, the second generation took over the company with a lot of enthusiasm and with only one goal, maintain the high-quality Rubex is known for.

At that time, the company had found their real core business. The production of rubber soles for a relatively new market. The market for Safety Footwear was found. 

In 2004 the entire production unit moved to the Czech Republic.

Mid 2009, the decision was made to stay in the Czech Republic and move to a new production site located in Dolni Podluzi with a surface of 16.000 m².

On this new site, about 120 people work day and night 7/7 days for the production, packaging, quality control and shipment for about 2.5 million pairs of rubber safety shoe soles and 2 million pairs of heels and half soles for the repair market.

Early 2013 the 3rd generation made an entry in the business with the same goal as the other generations, maintain the high-quality standards Rubex is well known for!


We are proud to say that Rubex Czech S.R.O exports today to 37 countries worldwide. We continue our chase towards new satisfied customers. While keeping our existing costumers our biggest fans.

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